To each selves, we have our own plans, goals, records, and guidance. Every mind has its own focus, insights, and core conscious. What we can control can have limits, but what we can do will be rewarded. Many examples can be made.
     It’s almost simple as saying it’s similar to the black and white circle, yin-yang. You weigh the positives with the negative and find equilibrium.
Say you have to work at 8 am. You decide to not eat breakfast, or make time to cook a meal. If you choose not to make breakfast, usually it takes longer to get into gear for the day. If you do decide to make time and eat, usually you would have a more productive start and feel better, like accomplishment.
     So I think, and you may have thought as well, what if I can’t make the time, or there happens to be a possible late start. Guess. I would take some time maybe a day or to before, and prepare yourself. Write down what your are going to have, or have some accessible food (which should allow you to be content as you usually would be). Not just a granola bar, or a piece of fruit. Don’t make the accessible food option regular either, that defeats the purpose if getting into balance.
     What I am getting at, the point, is schedule ahead if you need to make balance and ends meet. Even if it feels like a burden, after you compensate a few moments ahead of time, the outcome tends to be more enjoyable and successful. The reward as a whole would be the excitement to finding a centered balance and achieve your goals on time and without unnecessary obstacles.
When you also want to balance..TBC