Cardio Boost 1

Part of a Mini Series I named “Cardio Boost”

-Stretching- 5-10 minutes.

A must have for every workout, whether an athlete or just trying to get in shape, you need to always have some elasticity before you get your body pumpin’. You wouldn’t want to tear any muscles, or get any cramps, trust me stretching is crucial. If you have access to a steam room or sauna, I would use them, to also warm your body temperature and get your mind into the zone.

Complete each with intensity, stay at about 70-85% of your maximum heart rate. Rest between sets, maximum 25 seconds.

-1 minute jump rope
Just a smooth rhythm, not too fast not to slow, eventually if you can kick it up a notch, some one legged movement and foot skipping is a must try. Makes the jumping actually enjoyable.

-10 Pullups
After a while you’ll notice a trend of mine is doing pullups. Once you master them you will never not want to use them, they target your core upper muscles, and a brilliant staple to all workouts.

Second set, if you can isometrically complete a pullup, do 4-6, otherwise complete the ten.

-10 Forward Standing Lunges
I star off with 10 each leg, no weight. Remember you need to keep your body stretched! These will get the blood flowing for some additional leg movement.

Second set, use a dumbbell or plate of comfortable weight, hold out in front of your chest and spin it the direction of which leg your stepping forward and

-20 Rep Curls
For this I start off with a target minimum weight. Start at a weight that you can comfortably move down to the target weight and finish with 5 steady and focused reps. Example for those wondering. 35# 5 Left Arm, 5 Right , 30# 5 Left Arm, 5 Right Arm, 25# 5 Left Arm, 5 Right Arm, 20#5 Left Arm, 5 Right Arm.

-10 Rep Straight Leg Deadlift
I like doing this to target core muscles, just let your arms hang and let your stomach do the work pulling the weight up your legs.

 – Complete all sets 2 Times, Get ready for round 2! –

[ ! ] Did you stretch before your workout, take some time to take some additional stretching and always stay hydrated, have a healthy drink of water.
-I try to take a nice sip of water between every other rep.

Round 2

-1 Minute Jump Rope

-10 Reps Dumbbell Chest Press
Choose a weight for your own plan, I recommend lifting at your balance point, so the last 2 reps are 90% of failure.

-10 Neck Stretches
Use either a towel or a weight plate and hold it behind your neck, lay on a bench and move your head up and down. Helps the neck muscles stay strong and also helps with shoulder and body strength I feel, and maybe a bit of posture.

Repeat 2 times.

Stretch, complete workout hydration. I use a foam roller most times and stretch my body by doing seal stretches, and pulling my toes with my hands, as my legs are stretched in front of me.

Finish off with what energy you have.
Some times I feel I have some extra energy, so I will complete maybe a few sets of pullups, or train some natural body movement; flip tires, move boulders, kick or hit a standing /hanging bag, the possibilities are limitless.

Remember stay strong, stay smart, have fun, train KimbroStrong!