Chicken Spinach Miracle

Hey following folk, I’m back with another great idea, brewed up in the midst hours of an afternoon. I tend to eat a fair amount of spinach and chicken, day in and day out, usually side by side. I realized, maybe I am eating a minute bit better than the surrounding peers in my environments, I thought to myself, I should give this salad thing a shot; being I eat chicken, and spinach practically 3 times a day it’s probably a no brainer.

What I came up with is the miracle in my book. Enough Vitamins and nutrients from just adding a few ingredients together, makes 2 bland foods extremely delectable.

Onto the Concoction…

*As a rule of thumb usually I measure with my hand as opposed to the standard or metric system, adjust accordingly for your tastes and preferences.

•Start off with a bowl, any ordinary size will suit.

•A handful and a half full of Spinach, baby or regular.

•2 Tablespoons worth of Greek Yogurt. (Sometimes I buy the Honey, or Vanilla for a sweet taste.)

•About 4-6 oz of warmed Grilled or Baked Chicken, about the size of a fist (I would imagine fried or crispy would taste good, but that is for you to decide on your own quest).

•One half of a Banana, cut into half dollar size chips.

•Sparingly a just amount of nuts, 3-7 for some crunch. Almond, Walnuts, Cashews, Brazil your choice, if you decide to incorporate this regularly, switch it up and be excited for a new taste each meal.

That’s about it, if you have the chicken pre-cooked, and the spinach on hand, it literally takes a whooping 5 minutes to create this, and that may be an over allotted amount of time.

Get Healthy and Stay Active.

Kimbro Strength for the win!

-Adieu, JW